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November President's Letter posted below.
General Membership Meeting Agenda
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November 2014 President’s Newsletter

The golf course is open!!

Let’s start at the beginning.  The street to the golf course and the entire parking lot have been seal coated and restriped.  The landscape areas of the parking lot, around Bistro 60, and the pro shop have been re-landscaped.  Bistro 60 has a new lunch and dinner menu (the short rib fries are killer!).  And, there are new faces in the pro shop, Victoria and Mark, joining Miguel and Mark (we’re going to have to figure out how to differentiate the two Marks).

Now for the important stuff.  The golf course is in great shape.  Golf Course Maintenance Superintendent Kevin and his staff performed Herculean work in getting the golf course ready after it suffered so much flooding as a result of the September 8 storm.  It has been unusually warm during the reseeding but the course responded well enough to open as slated.  There are some spots on a couple of the greens but the maintenance staff is on it.  Finally, in this category, the rates for next year are: $120 for outside play, $85 for residents, $65 for Charter Members, $70 for Men’s Club events ($65 for Charter Members on Mondays), and $8 for lunch for Annual Members on Men’s Club Monday events.  All of the green fees include lunch.

Now, on to TLQMC matters.  Speaking of green fees, beginning this week, in order to reduce and/or avoid the long line when paying Monday mornings, you can pay for your Monday green fee or lunch, as early as the Friday before the next Monday Men’s Club event.

During the summer, Monday Play Coordinator Steve Prosenjak requested that the board address an issue that causes him grief coordinating Monday’s events, chronic cancelers.  To address this matter, the board adopted the following policy.

Chronic Canceller Policy

1.     The Monday Play Coordinator will keep a roster of members who cancel after 5 p.m. on the Friday before Monday play

a.     The reason for cancellation will be evaluated by the Monday Play Coordinator

                                               i.     Yes, this is arbitrary and capricious but we have to have some faith in the Monday Play Coordinator!

b.     “Unacceptable” reasons will be logged as a cancellation.

2.     After one cancellation the TLQMC BOD will be advised and the offender will be given a verbal warning

3.     After two cancellations the TLQMC BOD will be advised and the offender will be given an e-mail warning

4.     A third cancellation will result in the TLQMC BOD will be advised and the offender being suspended from TLQMC events for one month

The Board appreciates your cooperation and understanding for this policy.

Finally, mark your calendars:

1.     Welcome Back Tournament – November 17.  Tournament Coordinator Cortesi is creating a standby list as this event is already full!  We will try to get a couple more foursomes.

2.     General Membership MeetingNovember 24.  This meeting has been rescheduled from November 10 to the November 24.  I would like to give you some sort of worthy reason, but the truth is that I did some poor calendar management!  An argument can be made that I now have one documentable cancellation under the new Chronic Canceller policy.

In closing, the entire board is ready for another exciting season of Monday Play and fun TLQMC tournaments throughout the year.  Our current membership is at 168.  We are anxious to see all of our returning members and warmly welcome the many new members who have joined during the past couple of months.

See you on the course.



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