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October President's Letter posted below.

October 2014 President’s Newsletter


Just in case anyone did not see the e-mail sent out in mid-September, we had quite the rainstorm on September 8.  We had almost three inches of rain in two hours, getting about two of those inches in the first 45 minutes.  In what should be no surprise, the golf course was impacted by flooding and, to a lesser degree, mud runoff.  The amount of water left standing caused the golf course maintenance contractor, Key Golf, to recommend that the course close for the season.  Key Golf anticipates that over seeding will only be delayed by a week or less and should not affect the anticipated reopening of the course on or about November 1.


In anticipation of the course reopening, your Board of Directors has been meeting to prepare for the season.  The current priority of the board is to help Tournament Director Neil Cortesi prepare for the Welcome Back Tournament, scheduled for November 17.  Watch for the tournament flyer and do not hesitate to sign up.  We anticipate we will have a full field.


The BOD has also addressed a couple of questions brought forth by club members, both of them related to hole-in-one insurance.  First, in the past, TLQMC event hole-in-one insurance had been a $5 option when annual dues were paid.  Beginning this year, TLQMC event hole-in-one insurance will be included in the membership fee.  The TLQMC membership fee will be $110 this year, the same as it was last year, if you opted for the hole-in-one insurance.


The other question about hole-in-one insurance the BOD addressed had to do with insurance for guests during our two member/guest events.  No clearly defined policy could be identified so the BOD adopted the following policy:  All guests will be extended coverage as though they were a member of TLQMC.  With the adoption of this policy the concern was raised that a hole-in-one during one of the member/guest tournaments could deplete the hole-in-one insurance account.  The reality is that the hole-in-one insurance account is always at risk for being depleted, although it has not happened yet.  In that case, a special assessment would be requested from all of our members; not unlike what the Ladies Club currently does.


Additionally, the BOD is in the process of developing a policy for how to handle members who tend to habitually cancel at the last minute.  While this is not a momentous problem, it occurs with enough frequency that Monday Play Coordinator Steve Prosenjak asked the BOD to consider a policy.


Also, as another sign that we are preparing for a another busy and packed season of TLQMC events, golf course management and the BOD have been working together on things that can be done to keep up the pace of play during our events.  While we did a pretty good job last year, as the saying goes, “One as-sh** ruins a thousand attaboys.”  We will work on how to eliminate those as-sh**s, better known as the occasional 4:45 to 5:00 hour rounds, we sometimes play.


Finally, mark your calendars for our first General Membership Meeting, November 10 and the Welcome Back Tournament on November 17.


See you on the course, after over seeding and at the General Membership meeting on November 10.





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