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January President's Letter posted below.

January 2015 TLQMC President’s Newsletter

Happy New Year!

We begin the year with a strong and diverse membership base; 163 members with indexes ranging from 2.7 to 34.2.  Of the 179 2014 members, 76% of our members play from the Gold tees.  The average index of our membership is 17.3, with the Gold players averaging 21 and the Blue players averaging 10.5.  Our Monday play schedule allows for individual play as well as team events, where there is the comingling of the spectrum of indexes.  This mixture of events reinforces our charter which is “…to promote interaction and good fellowship among members, and encourage active participation of the members in the game of golf...”

Besides the Monday play events our club also puts on eight major tournaments each year and with the Trilogy La Quinta Women’s Golf Club, co-sponsors the Couples Club Championship.  The reason I am referring to the tournaments is to put everyone on notice to get ready!  We ended 2014 with the Holiday Tournament on December 8th.  Congratulations to our Holiday Tournament Champions - Greg Henry, Ken Norcross, Bill Kinnish and Vern Moore.  Besides winning the tournament this team also won a majority of the “closest to the pins”.

The Holiday Tournament was just the warm-up event for the onslaught of events that are scheduled over the next two months.  The President’s Cup starts January 5 and ends January 19.  By the way, if you are not playing in the tournament, you can still sign up to play Monday, in “no game”.  It will still be a shotgun start at 8:00, or when the frost clears.  The cosponsored event, the Couples Club Championship is Sunday, February 1.  The Men’s Club Championship begins February 16 and ends February 23.  In the middle of all of this we have one of our Gruel and Rule luncheons scheduled for January 19.  This will be a day when our Rules Committee will review a couple of pertinent USGA rules that are of particular interest to our membership during a lunch after Monday play.

Speaking of rules, we are going to more closely follow the USGA guidelines during our all of our Monday play events.  Specifically, besides the rules governing play, the USGA also has rules and guidelines on how to handicap most of our Monday events as well as how to break ties.  As players, you will not notice any differences in the games.  However, handicapping for future events and card-offs will be done per USGA guidelines and rules.  The transition will take a little time as we fine tune our internal procedures and the software used to print the cards.  However, all of major tournaments this year will follow the USGA guidelines.  We will also begin the implementation process on Monday events as soon as we can.

Finally, our club was challenged.  As you may be aware, the golf course operator made some operational changes to the tee sheet that allows us to field as many players as we can on Mondays.  Because we have such a large membership I thought it would be fun to aim for a target of 100 players on a particular Monday.  The challenge came from the golf course operator, Tom Brown.  Tom stated that a full event is 144 players and that we should shoot for 144 players.  With a little coaxing, Tom offered to provide some “incentive” to help us achieve that goal.  As of this writing, the “incentive” has not been negotiated but your crack (or cracked) board will begin those negotiations soon.  In the meantime the most appropriate Monday for this challenge appears to be MARCH 30.  On March 30 we will still be at maximum strength and it is the day of our last General Membership meeting of the season.  This should be a high participation day anyway, and having a full field the same day as the General Membership meeting will strengthen our negotiating position.  So, please, mark your calendars now to play on our Max Field day, March 30.  More details to follow.

In the meantime, enjoy the weather, enjoy the golf and enjoy your fellow members.

See you on the course.



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