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President’s July Newsletter

Well, the weather in June certainly made up for the wonderful weather we had in May!  June started off a bit on the humid side and it only got worse as the month went on.  Hopefully, we can enjoy some of that famous dry heat pretty soon.

As was mentioned last month, we are in the midst of recalculating the handicaps of the individual holes on our course.  To expedite the process, everyone in our club has agreed to play from the Gold tees whenever they play.  Additionally, while we are all playing from the Gold tees, we are recording every stroke taken thus, reflecting the true scores on the individual holes.  We are making the ESC adjustments when we post our scores.

It takes approximately 500 scores to more accurately handicap the individual holes.  Therefore, those of us who stay in the desert during the summer, are “taking one for the team” and playing a lot of golf in the heat and humidity so that the handicapping can be done in time for the printing of new cards at the beginning of the season.  Actually, we are playing about the same amount of golf as always, but the sacrifice sounded good.

The greens have recently been punched and sanded and the grass is responding very nicely.  We will undoubtedly continue to enjoy some of the best greens in the valley.

There has not been any visible movement on the much talked about and, anticipated, golf course improvements or restaurant remodeling.  However, Golf Course Superintendent Kevin Templin was recently seen outlining the area for the new putting green so we can assume that things are about to happen.

Also, another hole-in-one congratulations is in order.  TLQMC Membership Chair, Pat Martin, achieved the feat June 3, on hole 17.  Pat’s accomplishment occurred during the Wednesday Skins game.  So while Pat was not covered by TLQMC’s insurance, that game has a rule that any hole-in-one wins all of the money.  So don’t feel too sorry for Pat, he won more than enough money to cover the drinks.

Finally, health updates.  Both John Shaver and Wayne Bowman had very successful procedures.  Within a week of surgery, John was strolling the neighborhood and has had inspiring conversations with many members.  Additionally, after two weeks of intensive rehabilitation, Wayne is home and has also been spotted walking the neighborhood.  In fact, Wayne is a little bit easier to see.  His back surgery straightened him up so much that he is about 4 inches taller than he was before the surgery.

See you on the course.



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