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                                       October’s President’s Newsletter

The season is officially over.  The last day of play was September 27 and the course is scheduled to reopen on November 1.  However, everything is fluid.  As you will recall, in last month’s letter I said the course was going to close on September 20, only to be told on September 2 the course would close on September 27.  So to be safe, we will be playing golf again sometime in November.

As of this writing, the only on-course work that we have real knowledge about is the building of the new putting green.  There were some rumors about some other work but, at this point, that is all they are, rumors.  By the newsletter next month, we should have some real information.

The new green has been under construction for almost 2 months and is about to be seeded.  However, it will not ready for use until about January.  The new putting green is part of the overall plan being pursued by the golf course to remodel and repurpose the existing building.  At some point, a new building, a pro shop, will be added.  Later, as determined by a multitude of considerations and approvals, there is the possibility that the current building will be expanded.

For those of you brave enough to be around for the summer, on September 12, the Trilogy La Quinta Maintenance Association, Board of Directors, called for a Neighborhood Meeting whereupon Tom Brown presented to the community his plans for future development.  The meeting was attended by approximately 175 people.  Detailed plans may be viewed on the HOA website, MyTLQ, under the Golf/Dine tab, scroll down and there is a link to the plans.  For information beyond what is shown on the plans, contact Tom Brown or Anna Rosa Calkins at the golf course.  HOA approval of Phase I of the proposal was on the HOA agenda for the October 1 General Meeting.  It was approved by the HOA board of directors.

Finally, in case you did not receive the email sent out mid-month, long time TLQMC member Cap Peaslee passed away at home, Thursday, September 17.  A private memorial is going to be held October 17.

One of my favorite stories about Cap was when he and Gina, were buying a house here in the valley.  They had put a deposit down on a house at one of the Sun City developments.  As part of the purchasing process at the time, the sales agent asked Cap and Gina why they purchased at Sun City instead of Trilogy.  Cap gave some non-committal response.  As he and Gina were walking to their car, since their curiosity had been peaked by the sales agent’s inquiry, they decided to go visit the Trilogy development.  They had not even heard of Trilogy until the agent asked the question.  Once they visited Trilogy, they put down another deposit and immediately went to Sun City to cancel that contract!

This month’s newsletter is dedicated to the memory of our friend, Cap Peaslee.



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