Purpose of TLQMC and BOD


Section 2. PURPOSE OF ORGANIZATION (Section 2) - The purpose of the Club is to promote interaction and good fellowship among members, and encourage active participation of the members in the game of golf in accordance with the rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA), except as modified by local rules.


A PDF copy of the new 2016 scorecard is available under the "Your Score Card" tab.
Congratulations to the 2016 Member-Guest Champions Bob Campbell and Jerry Gregory. (picture in Photo Gallery)
If you have any Rules Questions, send an email to rules@tlqmc.net. This will forward your question to our Rules Staff. They will confer and get back to you with an answer. Please limit your questions to those related to the rules of golf. The will not offer relationship advice nor winning lottery numbers. Thank You.
The information on the tee box decision is posted below as well as in Board Communications. 
Standing Rules have been updated to include lead time for notification on withdrawal from a tournament as well as Tee Box Changes. See Charter and League Rules
April 15, 2016 Handicaps and Indexes are now on the website. We have also added handicaps from the Gold/White Combos.
The Shotgun start for Men's Club Events has now moved up one half hour to 7:30 AM. Everyone should be ready to play by 7:15 AM.
The next TLQMC General Meeting is scheduled for June 20, 2016
The Minutes from BOD and General Meetings have been posted under Board Communications.
The Roster portion of the website is now password protected.
2016 Calendar is in "Event Calendar and Definitions" on left menu. Please check the calendar for your future planning.
Monthly President's Letter posted below.
TLQMC Roster has been updated with current members names and email addresses as of April 20, 2016.


April 2016 President’s Newsletter


Today is the first day of the 2016 Member Guest Tournament. Good luck to all the players. This is the last of our tournaments as we cool down for the long hot summer. Next up will be the Dry Heat on August 8th.


Thanks to the rules committee, Greg Henry, Alan Barroll, Bill Smith and Roland Dell for facilitating a great rules seminar on March 24th. Thirty members of TLQMC and ten from TLQWGC were present. It was held on hole 17 and was modeled after the SGCA on course seminars that the committee members have attended. Learning on the course with real examples was infinitely better than referring to a rule book or drawings on an easel. We will definitely schedule more sessions in the future. After all, if we’re going to play we should play by the rules. To further our knowledge of the rules and help with actual incidents on the course, Bill Smith suggested we set up a way to easily contact members of the rules committee. To that end, webmaster Joe Rutherford worked with Bill to set up rules@tlqmc.net . Just email your rules questions to this address and Greg, Alan, Bill or Roland will get back to you with and answer. If you forget the email address it is on the home page of our website.


Remember the deadline for picking the tees from which you want to play is April 11th. Your choices are “blue”, “blue/gold”, “gold” and “gold/white”. If you do not notify me via email (jpm762@dc.rr.com) you will default to the tees you currently play. It looks as if the new choices will be evening out the flights. So far in the Hogan flight there are 26 blue players with 43 blue/gold players. In the Palmer flight there are 79 gold players with 10 gold/white players. Miguel informs me the final draft of the scorecard is on its way so we will be able to implement the new tees on Monday April 18th.


Lastly, at our General Meeting on February 1st we had only 39 members attending. At the General Meeting we just had on March 28th we had only 23. Was it something we said? Gentlemen, these meetings were in season…we have 158 members. Our next meeting is June 20th…stop by, we’ll buy you a drink.





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