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2015 Men's Club Championship Results Posted! Congratulations Steve Hines our 2015 Champion. Also, congratulations to all daily and cumulative flight winners!    
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March President's Letter posted below.

President’s March Newsletter


Another month, another tournament result.  Actually, two tournament results.  On February 1, 22 couples competed in the Club Couple’s Championship.  In a close contest, our 2015 golf Club at La Quinta Couples Champions are Denise and Merv Tjalma.  Congratulations to Denise and Merv.  Then, on February 23, the competition for the Men’s Club Championship was concluded.  After three days of intense golf, we recognized three champions; C-flight Champion, Stan Wise, B-flight Champion, Bob Johnson, and our 2015 Trilogy La Quinta Men’s Club Champion, Steve Hines. Congratulations to Bob, Stan and Steve.  By the way, if a three-round total of 227 wasn’t impressive enough, during the second round, Steve carded a 67.  For future reference, anyone reluctant to play in this tournament because “I can’t win”, we paid out 97 purses and 42 of 52 entrants, or 80% of the field won some sort of prize.  Keep this in mind for next year.

While on the subject of tournaments, we take March off to rest up for one of our largest tournaments, the Member/Guest Tournament, April 10 and 11.  This is a fun event and an opportunity to show off our beautiful golf course – thanks to Course Superintendent Kevin Templin and his staff!  This is a popular tournament and fills up quickly.  If you haven’t already done so, contact your partner and secure the dates.

While you have your calendars out, be sure to keep March 30th open so you are available to play in the “Fill the Field” event or, as the 9-hole Men’s Club is calling it, the “Hunt for One Hundred” event.  This is the day we are trying to get at least one hundred men’s clubs members to sign up and play.  And, as you read, we have asked the 9-hole Men’s Club to join us.  As of this date, 20, 9-hole club members have committed to play in the event.  We are going to make it a fun, no pressure event.  We are going to comingle the 18-hole and 9-hole players, play a gross scramble, and throw out the worst hole on the front and the back.  Then we will retire to Bistro 60 and enjoy the beer (one per player) and pizza being provided by Tom Brown.  It will be a longer than normal round, due to the size of the field, but it will be a great opportunity to get to know all of our fellow golfers.

Finally, business.  This time of year we usually are soliciting for TLQMC board officers for next year.  However, the current board has proposed a change, which must be approved by the general membership.  At the last general membership meeting, the board presented a bit of history as to why all of the HOA affiliated committee’s and club’s terms run from May 1 to April 30.  It has to do with when the HOA was originally formed.  However, in the case of TLQMC, the primary financial and administrative responsibilities of our club (dues collection and SCGA membership timing) are on a yearly calendar cycle, January 1 to December 31.  As it is currently, we change our officers in the middle of the year, which is very cumbersome when it comes to budget continuity.  Not impossible, just cumbersome.

We have received permission from the HOA to move our budget to a calendar cycle, and have done so.  We are also going to move our Monday Play calendar preparation to a calendar cycle.  It only makes sense to synchronize the board’s term as well.  Therefore, pending approval by the general membership of several affected amendments to our club’s bylaws, the current board will remain in place, elections will be held in November, and the new board will be introduced at the Holiday Banquet and take office January 1.  The required amendments will be posted and voted on at the General Membership meeting of March 30.

See you on the course,



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