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    ~ Bruce Lansky

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August President's Letter posted below.

August 1, 2014           President’s Letter


It is nice to report that things are mostly quiet at TLQMC and at the golf course; very hot, but quiet.


On Mondays we are still enjoying about 36 players per week.  While this is about half of we what have during the season, considering that approximately 75% of our members are either gone or travelling, we are still fielding a good number of players.  One of the reasons we are still putting on well attended Monday events is that the playing conditions right now are better than they have been in several summers.  Key Golf is doing an outstanding job of maintaining the fairways and keeping the greens some of the best in the entire valley.  For the first time since I don’t know when, we even have real rough along the fairways.  Another reason for the good fields is the work of Monday Play Coordinator Steve Prosenjak.  Besides coordinating the events, he is relentless in headhunting players every week.  Speaking of players, we had another new member join this month, bringing our membership to 162.


In case you haven’t heard, Tom Brown got a very good response to his, shall we say “ambitious” solicitation effort for Charter Members.  While the tone of the solicitation was strong, it cannot be denied that it did get a lot of attention and create some dialogue.  However, it was discovered that many people either did not get the message or, waited until the last minute to do any follow-up research with their fellow neighbors or with Tom.  Therefore, Tom has extended the solicitation until August 15.  After that date he will have a better idea about the level of community support and his course of action.  Like last month, I will put out a brief update after August 15.


In the meantime, stay cool.


See you on the course,




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