Purpose of TLQMC and BOD


Section 2. PURPOSE OF ORGANIZATION (Section 2) - The purpose of the Club is to promote interaction and good fellowship among members, and encourage active participation of the members in the game of golf in accordance with the rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA), except as modified by local rules.


Added a new section For Rules Questions and Answers. We will post the questions and answers of recent rules inquiries handled by the Rules Staff.
The TLQMC Roster is now a PDF and includes Spouse names.
July 1, 2016 Handicaps and Indexes are now on the website.
A PDF copy of the new 2016 scorecard is available under the "Your Score Card" tab.
If you have any Rules Questions, send an email to rules@tlqmc.net. This will forward your question to our Rules Staff. They will confer and get back to you with an answer. Please limit your questions to those related to the rules of golf. The will not offer relationship advice nor winning lottery numbers. Thank You.
The information on the tee box decision is posted below as well as in Board Communications. 
Standing Rules have been updated to include lead time for notification on withdrawal from a tournament as well as Tee Box Changes. See Charter and League Rules
The next TLQMC General Meeting is the Annual Membership meeting scheduled for November 28, 2016
The Minutes from BOD and General Meetings have been posted under Board Communications.
The Roster portion of the website is now password protected.
Monthly President's Letter posted below.


                       July President’s Newsletter



Well I wasn’t kidding about the heat rolling in. Seems every year I’m surprised at how fast and high the temperatures climb this time of year. Does anyone ever recall Monday play being cancelled due to heat? On Monday June 20th I believe we had less than a dozen players sign up as the temperature forecast was for 122. We cancelled the game and sure enough it got to 122 degrees. It wasn’t a bad call given we have so many great days to play here at Trilogy.


I’m happy to report that Kevin Templin our Course Superintendent has got the greens coming back nicely now. They got pretty patchy prior to being punched a few weeks ago but are filling in and should be great in a couple more weeks. They seem to get smoother every day.  Also, when you see Kevin around the course be sure and congratulate him on his recent marriage.


Webmaster Joe Rutherford and Membership Chair Ray Dorfman have come up with a solution to satisfy requests by some members regarding having our spouse’s names back on the roster. The roster in the password protected section of the website will now have spouse’s names included. Any corrections you may have should be directed to Ray at raydorfman@yahoo.com.


Also new to the website is a synopsis of our member’s questions regarding rules and the answers provided by the Rules Committee that have been generated at rules@tlqmc.com. Just click on  “Rules Questions and Answers” on the website menu to view recent queries. Thanks to Joe and Club Secretary and Rules Committee member Greg Henry for working to make this happen.


Handicap Chair Ken Smooke reminded me that now is the time for our members to change their tee box choice if they so desire. Remember you can make that change every quarter so you can better match your tee choice to your game. Let Ken know if you want to make a change. (kenrun26@aol.com).


Congratulations to the 25 members that squeezed into the Santa Rosa Club ballroom for the June 20th General Meeting. That obliterated the 24 members that crowded the room at the previous meeting in March. It just shows you what a free drink will do for attendance.


Lastly don’t forget to submit your applications for the Dry Heat Tournament coming up on August 8th and 9th. It’s a great two man best ball tournament that includes a horse race. Contact Membership Chair Ed Warman at ed_warman@outlook.com for details and an application.







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