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December President's Letter posted below.

December 2014 TLQMC President’s Newsletter

One of the local 10 p.m. newscasters frequently says, “Why would you live anywhere else?”  While he is specifically referring to the weather in the Coachella Valley, the same could be said by all of us who live here and enjoy good golf, good food and good people.

Good Golf

It starts with the refreshed approach to the golf course, the refreshed parking lot and the refreshed building.  In case you haven’t noticed, or are not here yet, the landscaping adjacent to the entry to the golf course and the landscaping in the parking lot was totally restored and improved.  The overplanted areas were properly planted, the weed overgrown areas were restored and tons of rock has replaced the areas formally covered with decomposed granite.  Most importantly, the irrigation system was properly repaired.  Additionally, most of the exterior of the buildings was repainted.  Who knew that Outside Services Supervisor Joe, was a professional painter in his previous life?  Joe also was able to paint the exteriors of the bathrooms on the golf course.  Finally, the entire parking lot was resealed and restriped.  The entire facility is visibly refreshed.

The playing conditions of the course are in the best shape I’ve seen them in the five years we have lived here.  Course Superintendent Kevin and his crew did a fantastic job.  They not only restored the course after the September 8 rain disaster, but also did a total over seed of the course, and produced very true running greens.  The over seeding of the fairways was done using equipment and a procedure that had never been done on this course before.  The seed applicator was a wet process that dropped seed directly onto the playing surface instead of casting the seed.  The process produced a more concentrated application and produced the excellent coverage we are seeing in the first weeks of operation.  The only down side to all of this good work is, apparently the maintenance crew had some extra seed left over and they decided to apply to the roughs!  The roughs were kept a little longer than we were used to during the summer.  Now the roughs are not only a little longer than they have been in the past, they are much thicker.  Anyway, that’s the excuse I’m going to use as my handicap creeps up.  While some of the greens have a fungus, the maintenance crew is aggressively addressing the issue while, at the same time, maintaining smooth rolling greens that are very receptive to our approach shots.

Good Food

As for the good food, Bistro 60 has a new chef.  Chef Jay has introduced new lunch and dinner menus.  Both menus have new dishes, with a wider variety of flavors and a little more sophistication.  Many of the previous restaurant staff are back, providing the friendly and welcoming service that we have all enjoyed in the past.

Good People

As for the good people, we presently have 176 members.  This is a lot of people vying for playing slots on Mondays.  However, the course operator, Tom Brown, has made some adjustments to course operations to allow us to have an expanded field.  Therefore, if we can maintain an acceptable pace of play, in the 4 ½ hour range, we will not have a cap on the number of players we can field.  We are going to give this a shot but we need everyone to remain mindful of the pace of play.

Also, even though the course has been open barely a month, we have already had a tournament, the Welcome Back/Wright Memorial Tournament.  In a Two-man, Better Ball tournament, filled with a lot of scores of 61 and 62, our new champions didn’t take any chances and blew the field away with a score of 59.  Be sure to congratulate Rich Carranza and Wendell Stephenson as our new Welcome Back/Wright Memorial Champions!

Finally, don’t hesitate to sign up for the next tournament, the Holiday Tournament, to be held on December 8.  This is one of the two tournaments when there is a post tournament dinner and awards ceremony and, when spouses are included.  The tournament is always a lot of fun, the dinner is always nice and the awards ceremony is a lot of fun.  The flyer for the event can be found on our website under “Tournament Information”.

Enjoy the weather, the golf, the food and the people.

See you on the course,



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