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President’s May Newsletter


April was a relatively quiet month with two exceptions.  As reported in last month’s newsletter, Tom Brown, dba CBGM, Inc., became the new owner of the golf course on April 1.  Despite the coincidence of the date, it is not a joke.

Also, immediately following our very successful Hunt for One Hundred Monday event on March 30, we almost had 100 players again during our extremely successful two-day, Member/Guest Tournament.  This tournament made history.  It was the largest tournament our Men’s Club has ever organized.  We had 46 teams, 92 players, participate in the event.  We could have achieved one hundred plus players but we were limited by the number of people we could seat during the dinner Saturday night.

Everything went very well.  The weather was beautiful, the golf course was in outstanding condition and well groomed, the dinner was very good and the camaraderie was invigorating.  Congratulations are in order for our Tournament Committee Coordinator, Neil Cortesi and the very capable and hard working group he put together.  The Member/Guest Tournament Committee was: Steve Prosenjak, Tom Sweet, John Thelen, Joe Wheat, and Stan Wise.

Let’s not forget the winners.  After two days of intense competition, the overall winners were:

 First place:          Steve Owens and Rick Emerton                                 199

Second place:       Roland Dell and Mike Ewing                                       201

Third place:          Jim King and James King                                           203

Fourth place:        Bill DeChant and Jerry Paciolla                                   203

Fifth place:           Russ Pignato and Jim Del Monte                                 204

Sixth place:          John Thelen and Ken Edwards                                    205

Seventh place:      Dave Muir and Pat Stachniak                                     207

Eighth place:         Gary Brown and Dave Sand                                      208


Finally, we are all standing by to hear how the final decisions about the proposed drought restrictions will affect the golf courses in the Coachella Valley.  As always, there are a lot of rumors and speculation, but final decisions from the local water authorities have not been determined.  We will not know anything for sure until later this month.  Even after the decisions are made, it will take some time before all of the courses will know the real impact.  The only thing we know for sure is that we are fortunate to have Key Golf maintaining our course.  Key Golf is based in Las Vegas which has water restrictions at least as strict as what is being proposed here.  Key Golf has experience in maintaining water restricted golf courses so, we can have confidence that our course will be in the best shape possible given the water restrictions.


See you on the course,



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