Purpose of TLQMC and BOD


Section 2. PURPOSE OF ORGANIZATION (Section 2) - The purpose of the Club is to promote interaction and good fellowship among members, and encourage active participation of the members in the game of golf in accordance with the rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA), except as modified by local rules.


Info on New Local Rule for Ball and Marker Movement on Greens click here

2017 Presidents Cup Round 3 partial results can be found as a PDF under Tournament Information.
Entry form for 2017 Couples Tournament can be found under Tournament Information
See Classified Section for golf items for sale.
Standing Rules Document has been updated on January 1, 2017. This reflects the new local rule for accidental movement of ball or marker on green, change of tee boxes and Sportsmanship policy.
Added a new section For Rules Questions and Answers. We will post the questions and answers of recent rules inquiries handled by the Rules Staff.
The TLQMC Roster is now a PDF and includes Spouse names as of 1-11-2017. The Roster portion of the website is now password protected.
January 15, 2017 Handicaps and Indexes are now on the website.
If you have any Rules Questions, send an email to rules@tlqmc.net. This will forward your question to our Rules Staff. They will confer and get back to you with an answer. Please limit your questions to those related to the rules of golf. The will not offer relationship advice nor winning lottery numbers. Thank You.
The next TLQMC General Meeting is the Annual Membership meeting scheduled for February 13, 2017.
The Minutes from BOD and General Meetings have been posted under Board Communications.
Monthly President's Letter posted below.


       January 2017 President’s Newsletter



Welcome to 2017. 2017? Really…2017? Time just keeps rollin along. But it’s gonna be all brand new so let’s get out there and play some golf! It should be easy with 151 great TLQMC members to team up with.


If it’s golf you’re looking for we’ve got it but first let’s finish off last year. We closed out 2016 with our great Holiday Tournament. A total score of 115 earned an early $400 Christmas present for the first place team of Neil Cortesi, Randy Schrick, Pete Whalen and Ed Barnhart. A win in a three way cardoff of 116s gave a $320 bundle of joy to the second place team of Alan Barroll, Merv Brandt, Bill Scholes and Steve Prosenjak. Check out the rest of the results on our website under Tournament Information. Congratulations to all who won and played in the Holiday.


Now, are you ready for this year’s opening tournaments? To kick off we’ve got our only match play outing, The President’s Cup, starting on January 9th. This is a bracketed event that concludes with the final matches in each flight played on 1/23 with a luncheon to follow. At present Tournament Chair Ed Warman has 48 players making 3 flights. He is now taking names for a wait list and will start another flight if he gets 16 more players. You can contact Ed at ed_warman@outlook.com. Following the Cup we have a Pick Your Partner Best Ball SCGA Qualifier on January 30th. This is a Monday Play event whose winners will be qualified to enter an SCGA Best Ball event at a later date. Lastly, it’s not too early to start thinking about the Couples Club Championship Tournament calendared for Sunday, February 5th. This is a great chance to get out on the course with your better half and have a nice lunch after the round. Ed will be sending out the information on this great outing shortly.


As usual the USGA has been busy reviewing and reworking the Rules of Golf. We’ve all felt the horror when the ball moves on us while we’re getting ready to putt. Your mind races…did it really move or was it that extra cocktail last night? Calm down friends, the USGA has your back…for once. They have introduced a Local Rule to take effect January 1st  that eliminates the penalty for accidental movement of your golf ball on the putting green. The rule reads in part:


                "Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1 are modified as follows:




·         When a player's ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment. 


·         The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1. 


·         This Local Rule applies only when the player's ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.


·       Note:  If it is determined that a player's ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity, the ball must be played as it lies from its new location.  A ball-marker moved in such circumstances is replaced


Your board has adopted this rule and added it to our Standing Rules. Webmaster Joe Rutherford has put a link on the homepage of our website to a video that will explain the rule. We will also have our Rules Committee review this rule and others at a soon to be planned on course rules event.


Also effective on January 1 is the elimination of the Gold/White combos from the choices offered to members for Monday play. Now the Palmer flight will consist of players from the Gold tees and the White tees. This change was initiated by the requests of members. If you previously played from the Gold/White combos your tee placement will default to the Gold tees unless you have notified Handicap Chair, Ken Smooke (kenrun26@aol.com) that you want to play from the White tees. And remember, all members can change the tees from which they want to play on a quarterly basis by contacting Ken. This change has also been added to our Standing Rules.


Lastly, I again remind you of the HOA Golf Course meeting scheduled for January 23rd. This is an extremely important meeting for the future of golf here in our community. There are very few acceptable excuses to miss this meeting.


Thanks and Happy New Year,





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