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Section 2. PURPOSE OF ORGANIZATION (Section 2) - The purpose of the Club is to promote interaction and good fellowship among members, and encourage active participation of the members in the game of golf in accordance with the rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA), except as modified by local rules.


Info on New Local Rule for Ball and Marker Movement on Greens click here

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Standing Rules Document has been updated on January 1, 2017. This reflects the new local rule for accidental movement of ball or marker on green, change of tee boxes and Sportsmanship policy.
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If you have any Rules Questions, send an email to rules@tlqmc.net. This will forward your question to our Rules Staff. They will confer and get back to you with an answer. Please limit your questions to those related to the rules of golf. The will not offer relationship advice nor winning lottery numbers. Thank You.
The next TLQMC General Meeting is the Annual Membership meeting scheduled for November 27, 2017.
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                   July 2017 President’s Newsletter



I’ve got to tell you I’m not sad to see June in the rear view mirror. Once again it gave us those days between 115 and 122 degrees. You members up north and points east don’t know what you’re missing! No kidding, us Desert Rats really do enjoy our 2 ½-3 hour rounds. No waiting…just smooth sailing down fast fairways…and lots of liquids before during and after the round…particularly after the round.


Speaking of heat, Tournament Chair ED Warman is putting the finishing touches on the annual Dry Heat Tournament for August 7th and 8th. He’ll be sending out the application and info shortly. And how about this…a challenge to all our Canadian and Snow Bird members…come on down and play in a REAL desert tournament. We’ll make room for you and spot you a couple of drinks if you finish the 36 holes and the horse race…any takers?*


Handicap Chair Ken Smooke reports score posting has improved. Let’s keep it up, you hurt yourself and the field if your handicap is not accurate and representative of the way you are currently playing.  Also, remember that now is the time you can change your tee choice. If you are thinking about a change contact Ken at (kenrun26@aol.com).


Progress on the golf course perimeter is roaring along at a snail’s pace. As of this writing no contract has been finalized with a landscape contractor. However trimming and clean up has been performed along Trilogy Parkway but no actual rehab has been done. The HOA Board did inform us at their last meeting on June 22nd that they will have some news in 2 weeks. The Bistro also would appear to be inching ever so slowly towards the “end of July” completion set by owner Tom Brown.


That being said we must recognize that we are moving forward and that the aforementioned projects will enhance the community we love. I know…the rub is that our anxiety level rises when we realize we aren’t getting any younger. Just remember, we are living in a great community and playing golf right now…that was and is the dream…and we are living it every day.




*Eligibility for free drinks requires verification of Canadian or Snow Bird residency by the Tournament Committee and or the Department of Homeland Security.



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