Purpose of TLQMC and BOD


Section 2. PURPOSE OF ORGANIZATION (Section 2) - The purpose of the Club is to promote interaction and good fellowship among members, and encourage active participation of the members in the game of golf in accordance with the rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA), except as modified by local rules.


Info on New Local Rule for Ball and Marker Movement on Greens click here

2017 Member-Guest Results can be found under Tournament Information. Photos in Photo Gallery.
Congratulations to 2017 TLQMC Club Champion Rich Evenson. See picture in Photo Gallery and Final Results under Tournament Information.
See Classified Section for golf items for sale.
Standing Rules Document has been updated on January 1, 2017. This reflects the new local rule for accidental movement of ball or marker on green, change of tee boxes and Sportsmanship policy.
Added a section For Rules Questions and Answers. We will post the questions and answers of recent rules inquiries handled by the Rules Staff.
The TLQMC Roster is now a PDF and includes Spouse names. The Roster portion of the website is now password protected.
May 15, 2017 Handicaps and have been posted on the website.
If you have any Rules Questions, send an email to rules@tlqmc.net. This will forward your question to our Rules Staff. They will confer and get back to you with an answer. Please limit your questions to those related to the rules of golf. The will not offer relationship advice nor winning lottery numbers. Thank You.
The next TLQMC General Meeting is the Annual Membership meeting scheduled for June 5, 2017.
The Minutes from BOD and General Meetings have been posted under Board Communications.
Monthly President's Letter posted below.


               May 2017 President’s Newsletter


It’s May already and the weather’s been great for the last couple of weeks…but you know that wall of desert heat is just over the horizon. So get out there and enjoy the good stuff as much as you can.


Let’s start with congratulating the winners of this year’s Member Guest Tournament. Bob Campbell and his guest Jerry Gregory took first place in A flight with an overall total of 121 while Ken Smooke and his guest Angelo Ariondo won B flight with a total of 120.  Bob and Jerry seem to be starting a trend. They won last year’s event as well. I guess the only consolation for the rest of us is last year their 2 day total was 119 so they could be slowing down. Maybe we can catch them next year. With all the payouts for best ball, KPs, Skins, Pari-mutuel betting and 50/50 raffles there were lots of chances to take home some cash. Add to that a wonderful cocktail party and dinner with the wives and you come up with a great time by all. Check our website for all the winners and scores. Once again kudos and thanks to Tournament Chair Ed Warman and his committee for a stellar evening.  Our next tournament will be the Dry Heat in August.


Although the response to my admittedly unscientific survey in last month’s newsletter were low…13%...the board was able to glean some insights into what changes we could make to our tournaments and Monday games to increase play. Viewed optimistically such a low response level could be interpreted that the level of member satisfaction is high. The responses we did receive were, on the whole, positive. One issue that was clear is that the Step Aside game will no longer be with us. The mixing of flights and all tees will also be experimented with to allow members to have greater opportunity to play with all club members instead of just their own flight. Of course on the issue of Sunday tournament play and green fees we are working with Tom Brown to see what we can do for 2018. Many thanks to Monday Play coordinator Steve Prosenjak and a former TLQMC president, Tom Sweet, for their input on the planning of the 2018 calendar.


Speaking of Green Fees, the current rate for Men’s Club play is $69 which includes lunch (not for charters or annuals). Always check the Golf Club at La Quinta website and the Pro Shop for changes in the green fee rates.


Lastly, the recent HOA election resulted in some changes to the board of directors. I would advise all members to attend the monthly HOA meetings to familiarize themselves with this new board and its approach to the golf course. For those of you who are out of town and unable to attend the meetings the meeting minutes can be viewed on the Trilogy website.







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